Let’s Be Real, David Fincher Would Be A Great Director For ‘World War Z 2’ & Brad Pitt Agrees

David Fincher is one of the true film auteurs we have alongside the Scorsese’s and Tarantino’s of the world with a resume to back it up. His work spans into the world of thrilling yet gruesome depictions of real world scenarios (for the most part) and makes sure each shot comes out perfectly. Do you know who agrees with that approach and needs a director for his next movie? Brad Pitt.

It’s not too hard to see how Pitt could charm his director into getting in talks with the production of a World War Z sequel, but I can’t imagine the talks are going to be easy. Fincher has been famously known for how he was cuffed by the studio in the production of the not so great Alien 3 and has since disowned it as his own movie and vowed not to make sequels to franchise movies because of it.

World War Z was a surprise hit even after the countless horror stories coming out of it’s production, but even though that’s the case, the film turned out to be really enjoyable. It would be interesting to see if this goes further than just meetings and talks about possibilities and hopefully ends up becoming talks on contracts and directorial freedoms soon.

I don’t expect this will happen, but I better start praying huh?

Source: Variety


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