James Wan Has Picked His Aquaman Villain For Jason Momoa To Do Battle With

Jason Momoa is going to bring the x-actor that Aquaman has deserved and needed to be taken seriously and with that he needs a foil that equals or elevates that x-factor or as we call in the streets, an antagonistic b**ch! Just kidding maybe…

The villain can be seen above and that is none other than Black Manta, the Joker to Arthur Curry’s Batman, the Green Goblin to his Spider-Man or simply known as his arch nemesis. The history spans back years and years of dramatic comic book storytelling with motivations that may make it hard to choose sides, but then again, are you really going to root for someone other than Aquamomoa?

The backstory behind Black Manta is tragic, but I’ll never tell! READ A COMIC BOOK, THEY’RE GREAT!

As for James Wan getting the chance to pick his villain character, it’s cool and reassuring on both ends because that means Wan is trusted enough by his partners at WB to take on a film and do the characters and stories service. I am a bit disappointed I haven’t heard about the Trench monsters being named the antagonists of the movie, but they could fit in there if they really wanted to.

I’m HIGHLY frustrated with the waste of talent in Suicide Squad, among other things, and if you’ve seen the movie you’ll know Common would have been better off as Black Manta and not some throw away like whatever we got. The casting will be exciting to see unfold, but my names in the hat are Nate Parker, Common (still because why not?), Michael Jai White, and Denzel Washington as an older version of the original Manta. You could throw out a talented black actor and you couldn’t really go wrong because don’t mean a thang!

Source: TheWrap


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