Is Antoine Fuqua Remaking Scarface Actually A Great Idea?

Remakes. Remakes. Remakes! Keep in mind, the Scarface we all think of right away, you know the one plastered on every male 20 something’s frat style bedroom, is in fact a remake of a film of the same name and concept, but does that make this remake ripe for the picking?

There are always rumors about classic films possibly being retold of remade and it’s disheartening for the movie fans who hold these films closely to their hearts, but I have to be an optimist and pessimist to really decode what is stampeding in my head at this news. The pessimist is saying what everyone else is saying, “why not just have an original idea?” and “this movie’s a classic that doesn’t need a remake!”, but I do my best to not fall victim that narrow mindset. With that said, I don’t think Antoine Fuqua is the guy to do it.

It pains me to say this, but Fuqua just hasn’t been the director we would have thought he’d be. Now, that could change once we see his other remake The Magnificent Seven in theaters September 23rd of this year, but Fuqua isn’t batting at the rate we had hoped for in a talented director. Beyond Training Day which had a script by Suicide Squad writer and director David Ayer, I haven’t seen that magic captured again in his other movies. Fuqua has since made films that can be looked at as above average popcorn flicks, but the way I see it, that’s not a reputation you want after making such an impressive film like Training Day.

You see this happen a lot with directors that stay too much in their own styles to grow. I think of Neill Blomkamp as the poster boy for this in recent years since he hasn’t been heard from in a positive light since District 9. 

If this remake is for sure going to happen – and don’t think it won’t be greenlit at some point – Fuqua has not proven to be the guy to give us a retelling of Scarface like we deserve. Hell, Ben-Hur has a damn remake that looks awful and getting the average movie director to remake one of his favorite movies is silly. Unless the script for some reason gets a big name writer like the Coen’s to write the script (now I want it!) then maybe I’m interested, but at this point, I’d rather the Coens take on the movie.

The retelling would not bug me, but from the recent failed attempts at classic movie remakes, it has shown that there is almost no point to doing them. No one wants to see their favorite movies changed if they were already good and you mine as well just make a modern Scarface, but not worry about the name brand recognition all the time. There are countless LA gangster films that are terrific and it doesn’t need to follow the formula of Scarface all the time…. So no, this isn’t a great idea unless my Coen Brothers idea randomly comes to life.


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  1. I’m glad you think a Fuqua remake of Scarface is a bad idea. He is a generic director (not bad, but certainly not good) who had one really good movie. The thing of it is, it wasn’t his directing that made the movie so amazing, it was strength of script and actors. Fuqua has done a very good job of selling himself as a choice guy you want behind the camera, you have to give the man credit for that.

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