The Much Delayed ‘Sea of Trees’ Finally Gets A First Trailer – Trailer Review

I say long awaited because this film was finished over a year ago now and was thought to be Oscar worthy material with the talent surrounding it, but the boos from Sundance and Cannes as well as early critical panning forced the film to be on the shelf until further notice. Matthew McConaughey, Naomi Watts (underrated actress), and Ken Watanabe star in the Gus Van Sant directed mystery drama about two men who find each other in the grimly beautiful Aokigahara forest in Japan.

If you don’t know what makes the “Sea of Trees” so enthralling and spooky is the fact that this is a forest where people go to kill themselves. Through the trailer, you can see why McConaughey’s character may want to do something like that, but you have to wonder why the film was so universally hated by those who saw it. Everyone in the cast is remarkable and the story is unique and interesting with a director who has made one of the best movies of the modern era in Milk and Good Will Hunting. 

One way or another, it can’t be as disappointing as the dozens of summer films I’ve dragged my dumb ass to see this year. The film comes out sometime this year.


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