Which Villains Should Show Up In The Man of Steel Sequel? – Top 5

DC has gotten a lot of shit and it’s mostly justified (see what I did there?), but we DC hopefuls continue to pray that Warner Brothers gets their superhero slate down. My hope is that they don’t rush this sequel and dig a deeper hole in the catch up game and they just focus on making a river flowing narrative. For now, we speculate like the impatient internet divers that we are, and hope that somebody from the studio listens.


1. Metallo and Lex Luthor: I’ve been pitching this idea to anyone who has the time to listen. What comic book movies need to do is scale back on the obnoxiously large and over-inflated plots and villain conquests and just have a fun and not exactly “middle of the road villain”, but someone who can stress out our heroes just enough while being able to establish a bigger villain i.e. Luthor for future films.

Metallo was originally John Corbin, but was changed into a cyborg with a Krytonite heart. He is often Luthor’s hidden bodyguard or hired help due to his creation and durability against the Man of Steel. He can be menacing without having to try to take over the world or enslave a city, he can just be a bad guy Superman happens to face en-route to a Luthor plot down the line.

2. Mongol: Expect a trend of “aliens from outer space” type descriptions for these next few… Mongul is a fan favorite for those who watched the Justice League Animated Series by Bruce Timm because he is a cocky SOB who rules over a gladiator like planet. Imagine if Superman ends up on this planet more or less stranded and has to do the whole “fight to survive” type thing while also trying to dethrone the bastard that is Mongul.

Superman and Mongul have their finale of a fight on Mongul’s iron fist ruled planet adequately titled Warworld. It may be pretty cheesy sounding at first, but one of the best parts about Zack Snyder’s vision in Man of Steel was his depiction of Kryton and it’s landscape. That could be worth showing if they don’t do Darkseid as soon as I think they will.

3. Cyborg Superman: After the events of Batman v Superman, it would make sense for the Superman wannabe’s to show up and try to substitute for Clark in his absence. In the case of Cyborg Superman, we get a classic revenge tale about a deranged man who loses everything yet again due to the events of the last film. Hank Henshaw was an astronaut who gets hit by a solar flare that ends up mutating him and his crew.

What could make this cool is that it can set up for a Brainiac movie if they go the New 52 route. Cyborg Superman can still be Henshaw, but Brainiac finds him floating in space only to use him as a cyborg drone to scout earth and see if it’s a viable planet for Brainiac to shrink and take over. The issue with this idea is not Cyborg Superman, but the fact that the film would be huge yet again… The selling point, think of Terminator Superman from space.

4. Parasite: Going into the lesser known category, we now have Rudy Jones aka Parasite, a regular old slacker who while in a Pittsburgh S.T.A.R. Labs facility gets transformed into an intergalactic creature that can temporarily take the powers, memories, and energy of other beings.

This could be a more cat and mouse type game rather than a brute force battle like we’ve seen with the last two films while still creating a weird and unique fighting style for each of the characters. At this point, we could have a much weaker Superman who hasn’t regained all of his strength after the fight with Doomsday and makes for a better match with Parasite in the end.

5. Bizarro: This is a choice that critics of the dark toned DC will like. Imagine a Superman from an alternate dimension who has all the powers of Superman, but speaks backwards and has entirely too much fun for a destructive monster. He can present that Ultron like humor, though not as intellectually sound, but still pose a threat to Superman.

They’re perfectly leveled match can be fun and epic to watch and the mystery behind the Bizarro world can prove to be a really enticing look on the other worldly aspects of the DC Universe. Maybe Superman and Bizarro battle in the rubble of what was once Bizarro World as Bizarro Superman obsesses over his counterpart.


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