Which Villains Should Show Up In Affleck’s Batman Trilogy? – Top 5

Batman has the best villains in comic books and it’s not even close. The only competition in comics might be Spider-Man, but I still wonder why they consider it close to Bats. Some of the best parts about discussing Batman movies is actually because I can discuss which villains are worth having in the film that we may not have seen or just want more of.

Batfleck will likely direct the three Batman movies which means we will see the return of what I am calling “Warehouse Batman” aka the aestically choreographed action scenes that boast some wicked hand to hand combat unlike the action we’ve seen in previous Batman movies. I think the next three Batman movies are going to be awesome so long Batfleck is directing, but these are the villains I’d love to see in the next film(s).

1. All of Arkham: I shit myself when I heard the rumored idea of a solo Batman film set in Arkham and Batman just goes all The Raid 1 & 2 on a bunch of psychopaths. He can go through the layers of killers and murderers to go after whomever he needs to. We can get some great story and fan service that will have a gritty, but exciting action element to it. Just imagine the possibilities…

2. Joker, Penguin, and The Riddler: This is a combination that I feel makes the most sense with the Joker we currently have. Affleck is no stranger to gangsters by any stretch and can direct his ass off so why not stay in those realms that just so happen to perfectly fit the world Batman lives in? I imagine a classic crime story with corruption and dirty low-lives making Gotham the hell hole it’s known to be, but on top of that, The Riddler messes with everyone in between.

I can imagine a fun detective movie with Batman in this one mainly because we know Batman can kick ass, but some of the best cohesive aspects to Ben Affleck’s Batman so far were his detective skills and practical mask that is the persona of Bruce Wayne.


3. The Court of Owls: This could be the film in the Batman trilogy that doesn’t need to have connective tissue to be cool. Bruce Wayne takes on an ancient group of rich and ancient organized crime in Gotham that have lived in secrecy for centuries. The owl is the hunter of bats which fits well with the fact that the Court tries to recruit Bruce Wayne due to his wealth and family history.

When Bruce Wayne can’t get the job done, we see Batman infiltrate their lairs only to be attacked by the Court’s trained assassins known as Talon. Talk about rich material and if you want to read the comics they’re based off of then I stress you all to get Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s masterworks and read up because it’s fascinating and adds to the rich mythology of the Wayne family.

4. Deadshot, Black Mask, Deathstroke, and Killer Croc: Will Smith is going to either have a huge role in an upcoming film or have his own movie and I’d rather see him in a Batman film if you ask me. Batman goes searching for the killer of other criminals in Gotham only to be lead to Deadshot and Black Mask as Black Mask then pays Deadshot a fortune to try and kill the competition and eventually Batman himself.

Black Mask can be seen in the video game Batman: Arkham Origins and in the pages of his comics from 1985 and beyond, but he’s cool because he’s a gangster who loooves to hire impressive assassins to get his work done. His tie in with the Waynes is fun as well. Imagine a movie with deadly assassins trying to take out Batman every waking moment. Deathstroke fights would be sick, Killer Croc on the side, with dessert being some Will Smith vs Ben Affleck banter and action.

5. The Red Hood: I think we’re getting this eventually, but until we get confirmation I am still saying we should get a Red Hood appearance. When are we getting the reasoning for the dead Robin and the suit in Batman v Superman? I think the mystery and action would be cool and the look of Red Hood always looks cool and the conflict of interest makes a great storyline.

You can throw Black Mask in there again as the guy that hires Jason Todd aka Red Hood and make him a reoccurring character. Just follow the animated film and not the comic this time around, there’s too much going on in the lengthy Crisis story, but you can use it as a guideline like most comic book movies.



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