The Magnificent Seven (2016): The Official Trailer Introduces Our 7 Characters – Trailer Review

This trailer brings our main characters to the forefront and presents us with the all star cast led by Denzel Washington in this western remake of a remake. It chronologically shows who will be a part of our “magnificent seven” and their mission during the film. Antoine Fuqua, director of films such as Training Day and The Equalizer that also star Denzel, are pretty good films in their own right, but it’s the disappointing showing of Southpaw that concerns me.

Sony Pictures also hasn’t proven to be the best studio to be a part of in recent years thanks to all the crap they’ve been through and churned out with that Spider-Man fiasco. With that said, this looks like a blast. The action seems to be excellent and fun without being too over the top and the characters, if fleshed out like we’d hope, seem to be equally as enthralling.

Fuqua is no slouch of a director and I am rooting for him like feminists were for the new Ghostbusters, but I won’t be blind to the recent faults of the director. If anything, we can say he gets great performances from his actors and this cast is not missing any ounce of talent across the board. Let’s hope it’s good!


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