The Girl On The Train (2016) Gets A Sexy Mystery Of A Trailer – Trailer Review

I don’t about you, but I can’t imagine Kanye going broke after all the songs he has had in these movie trailers, but unlike his song in Assassin’s Creed this one fits. Emily Blunt stars in the adaptation of the novel of the same name that plays as a missing persons case which will obviously have twists and turns and shocking reveals galore if this trailer doesn’t lie to us, and it looks like addicting cinema.

The cast is superb from Blunt to Luke Evans look terrific, as performers and as beautiful people. I haven’t read the book and that makes me all the more ineterested in seeing the film because the tone reads as something David Fincher did with Gone Girl and many of his prior works.

We don’t get lots of good mystery films mainly because they aren’t in style in the mainstream, but hopefully we can get a light resurgence of good mysteries and dramas like this. Heck, there’s loads of books to choose from.


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