La La Land (2016): Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone Star In What Seems Like The Next Great Musical – Trailer Review

The fact this is just a teaser trailer and I clapped to myself should be a telling sign of what is yet to come. Gosling and Stone had great chemistry in Crazy, Stupid, Love and it appears to have returned in the way of a romantic musical directed by Whiplash’s Damien Chazelle.

Whiplash is one of my favorite films in recent memory and had more of an impact that I thought it would and Chazelle seems to be recapturing that magic with another music based film that has some ridiculously gorgeous cinematography. I knew Gosling could sing, but wow this is going to be something special.

The film comes out this December and may just be a gift for all religions and lack thereof. Musicals are not as common as other genres mainly because they are not just something you can throw yourself into without some serious dedication and heart wrapped around it. This looks like the best of indie cinema meeting theater during the sunset of a “city of stars”. This is now one of the most anticipated films I have this year.


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