The Flash Movie Rumor: Kiersey Clemons Could Be DC/Warner Bros. Iris West

Before I even get into the news, I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE SHOW, I am aware that it has a huge fan base and I am happy for you all, but I stand by saying that the shows and films should be separate or it becomes a mess…

With that said, it’s clear that the Dope director’s take on his The Flash movie will stick to classic lore (so far) of the Flash and you can’t have Flash without Iris West. The love interest to Barry Allen, Ezra Miller may likely get to co-star Rick Famuyiwa’s past actress Kiersey Clemons who also was apparently really good in Neighbors 2. 

The other two women in the running include singer turned actress Rita Ora and Sing Street’s Lucy Boynton. I have a good feeling Famuyiwa will bring on an actress he already knows well and it doesn’t hurt she is a perfect fit as Iris West.

Source: Den of Geek


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