Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment Picks Up Rights To Alien Invasion Film ‘The Fall’

If you’re wondering why I haven’t reviewed The BFG I apologize, but I’m busy and I haven’t been able to see it yet. The latest news beyond that with the name Steven Spielberg is that of the next film his producing with his production company Amblin Entertainment.

The Fall will be written by Australian writer Pete Bridges and tells the story of a recently divorced couple who trek through Atlanta in the midst of an alien invasion to get their kids who are home alone while it all happens. The family values are still there and the aliens are there which all adds up to be a Spielberg style film. Him producing the film actually means nothing to me because he produces everything including crap like the Transformers franchise.

Spielberg clearly wants to redeem America with a better alien invasion movie then we were given with that trash heap that was Independence Day: Resurgence. The director is unknown at this point, but with Spielberg busy until 2019 with Ready Player One and Indiana Jones 5 likely to take up his time, but it all depends on who will get the job that determines in this film is worth being excited for.

Source: Deadline & ScreenRant


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