It’s Time To Say Sorry To Zack Snyder Because Batman V Superman’s Ultimate Cut Is A Winner – Movie/Blu-Ray Review

Through the excitement comes clouds that rain on your parade, but through every cloud is a silver lining that shimmers in your eyes while your toothy smile begins to reveal itself. Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to inform you that the silver lining is in fact the Ultimate Cut of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. As the unapologetic “fan boy” I am, I was aware and honest about the flaws the theatrical cut possessed, but no more do I have to somberly describe that disappointment I felt for the film. In my last review of the film, I was holding back tears of sorrow and looking forward to the future, but the time is now to like this movie even though it’s still not a perfect film.

Zack Snyder has taken more heat than an oven door and for some, burned his meals more than perfectly cooking them, but I disagree. Snyder is not the perfect film maker, I understand that, but what he is good is bringing graphic novels and beautifully shot stories to the big screen with the eyes of a hawk looking through a kaleidoscope. Rich colors, near flawless renditions of iconic characters, and the grim narratives that tend to come along with the stories he wants to tell. In Batman v Superman’s Ultimate Cut we get to see his full vision realized with narrative that answers all the questions fans had before and after. The cohesiveness of the story has grown exponentially and the motivations are finally understood.

The frustrations I had before were not the actors or even the story, but rather the editing and ridiculous cuts to scenes that hadn’t been detailed enough for us to garner any interest which in tail made for a lot of dry moments that had little pay off. But while the story between Batman and Superman grew, the role and character of Lois Lane shrunk for me more and more. Every time I saw her on screen, not Amy Adam’s fault, I wanted her to just die. Morbid I know, but she is one of the few characters that just never works for me in comics or in films. She may come off as a strong and independent woman, but even Larry Fishburne’s Perry White knows that Lois’ uncanny ability to be saved by Superman gets old pretty quick and I tend to agree wholeheartedly. It’s moments like that take away from the overall film a bit, but compared to the flaws before they are forgivable in the overall scheme of things.

NOTE: While this cut is Rated-R, the blood is brief

What you are going to get with the ultimate cut is a understanding and much improved narrative. Most things should make more sense to the audiences that came out confused or underwhelmed at the film as a whole. The tone is the same (obviously), but you get an epic three hour film that won’t waste your time like it once did. It’s just not a perfect film, but few are, at least you are getting a vastly improved movie which should have been shown in the first place. The showcase of logic as well as the respect stylized drama that Snyder brings deserves a pat on the back alongside some “I’m sorry” cards with the Batman/Superman logo on it. I was already jazzed about the Justice League set news, but knowing Snyder has it in him to make a film of large magnitudes and do them better than once thought we should stoked for what he has in store for us at DC next.



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