Tom Hanks & Clint Eastwood’s ‘Sully’ Gets First Official Trailer – Trailer Review

Eastwood is no stranger to real life dramas and he is normally pretty good at them. His last few outings have been a mixed bag, but that doesn’t take away from his prowess as a film maker. In Sully, Tom Hanks portrays Captain “Sully” Sullenberger in the real life story about how he landed a plane into the Hudson river safely. As films would have it, they are going to show us the lesser known parts and they look riveting.

Hanks is always a winner when cast and his collaboration with the best often breeds the best and this looks no different. It reminded me of Flight with Denzel Washington and had that classic Eastwood visual style with the bluish tint and crisp camera work.

They are saying this could be one of the Oscar contenders this coming year and you can see why. This year has been a blur of awful or disappointing movies across the board and I’d hope this becomes one of the few to change that tone once the cold months come in.


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