James Franco & Bryan Cranston Go To War In ‘Why Him?’ Trailer – Trailer Review

Comedy is not a genre I have been happy with for quite along time. I more or less broke up with it and did some casual dating with other comedies afterwards. I’ve been happy being single, let’s just say that. While this cast is good and Franco looks nuts and in much better shape since we last saw him, he can be hilarious in his own right, but equally as annoying and overplayed.

This is a traditional “bad boyfriend” comedy that seems paint by the numbers in plot as well as gags. Nothing made me laugh in the trailer and the Red-Band trailers are usually confirmations if a Rated-R film will be funny or not.

I was more frustrated with Franco’s character than anything else mainly because he’s purely a prick. There isn’t much comedy to him beyond the tattoo gag. The take on the Franco character and everyone seemed like something we see every other month in comedy films and it doesn’t win me over.


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