Bleed For This: Miles Teller Is In Much More Than A Boxing Film – Trailer Review

Miles Teller may come off of like a douche to some, but you’d be blind to think that he isn’t a talented actor. Forget Fant4stic and think of Whiplash when you think of him because he is a star in his own right with a surprising range of movies to pick from. In this latest trailer, he is real life boxer Vinny Paziena who finds success only to be knocked down farther than most.

Teller looks charismatic, committed, and engaging as ever in this trailer and to make the trailer even better, it was cut well. Heaven forbid they make another trailer and feel it’s necessary to reveal more scenes from the story because that would just taint the first trailer and my viewing experiences yet again like all the other movie trailers of today, but you guys hear me say that far too often.

Boxing films are great fun and drama because no one boxing film is actually about boxing, but the adversity outside of the ring that our hopeful champs across and how they choose to handle it.


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