Top 5 Directors That Should Direct DC/Warner Bros. Movie

The course correction has been something of a hot topic in the world of DC films. The recent set visits for Zack Snyder’s Justice League have turned out to be more than promising for the select few who were able to see the production 17 months in advance. Of course, this is no guarantee that the films are going to be editing better than Batman v Superman, but it proves they heard us, and they are trying.

The directors signed on for films so far are Zack Snyder on Justice League, James Wan for AquamanRick Famuyiwah for The Flash, Ben Affleck for his The Batman (trilogy?), David Ayer with the upcoming Suicide Squad, and Patty Jenkins for Wonder Woman. We still have to get a director for Cyborg, Green Lantern, and any other character DC/Warner Brothers decides to throw in there. There is also chatter on films like Booster Gold, Lobo, Shazam, and at one point Justice League: Dark, all of which could still very much be happening.

With so much unconfirmed news out there, why not fantasize for a bit, and make a list of directors we would like to see make a DC Comics adaptation.

  1. George Miller: This is all too obvious at this point. When I think of DC directors my head goes straight to the Fury Road helmer and for obvious reasons. Miller proved to us all that his age is clearly not a factor in his quality of filmmaking and I think we fans know the whole myth and legend behind the once anticipated George Miller Justice League film that got canned thanks to a writer’s strike. Even so, it’d be cool to see him take on another character with that practical sensibility he has. Characters like Cyborg and Green Lantern come to mind.
  2. Alex Garland: Garland is name you guys and gals may not know by name just yet, but you know his written work. A normal collaborator with director Danny Boyle as a writer, Garland broke out with his directorial debut Ex Machina to high praise. He is a great sci-fi writer and director who could invent a world all his own while bringing serious pedigree to the DCEU. Beyond Justice League members, he’d be great in directing a Vertigo character. Maybe Swamp Thing, Justice League: Dark, Doctor Fate, etc. 
  3. Matt Reeves: If you’ve seen either Cloverfield, Let Me In, or one of my personal favorites Dawn of the Planet of the Apes then you have seen Matt Reeves direct. He is great director and has a knack for bringing pure humanistic emotion to his films even though his past films involved a kaiju, a vampire, and talking apes. He’d be perfect if he came on for a superhero and it wouldn’t matter which one because his range proves he can do it all.
  4. Guillermo del Toro: One of the obvious names to thrown into the hat of DC directors, it’s all for good reason. Like Snyder, del Toro is visual film maker, but what del Toro has proven to do a tad better is telling unique and engaging stories. The prove would be in his magnum opus Pan’s Labyrinth and it helps he is a huge comic book fan and has directed a few comic book films in his day such as Hellboy 1&2 and Blade 2. 
  5. Jeff Nichols: I still haven’t seen Midnight Special and that really grinds my gears, but I have seen Mud with Matthew McCaunaghey and I loved it. Nichols was rumored to be the guy WB wanted for Aquaman but ended up turning them down or just going separate ways. Nichols is very much an independent spirit and his films reflect that, but what any good film needs is storytelling and narrative and Nichols is clearly good at both. Give him a smaller hero to introduce and I’m sure it will be a hit.

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