Halle Berry & Daniel Craig To Star In L.A. Riots Film

The film will officially be titled Kings in case anyone wants to know and it’s a stirring title above all else. A passion project for Turkish-French director Deniz Gamze Erguven, director of Oscar-nominated Foreign Film Mustang, will finally get the chance to bring to life a film she has wanted to make since her time in college in France. To help bring that dream to life, Erguven will now get to work with a rarely seen Halle Berry and former Double-0 himself Daniel Craig.

The film will be set during the time of rising tension due to the trial for Rodney King in 1992. Craig will portray Ollie, a loner living in South Central, who becomes the minority in a predominantly ethnic setting. Halle Berry will play a mother who loses her children in the riots and Ollie will likely cross paths with Berry’s character as they search for her missing children.

While I haven’t seen Mustang, the tone is said to be the perfect mesh of light and serious and we should expect that from this film. While I’m not sure how that works in such a dramatic moment in American history like the L.A. Riots and the police brutality that took place in those times, I’m sure the director has her focus locked in as she has since her days in college.

Source: Deadline


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