Dark Comedy ‘Joshy’ Gets It’s First Trailer From Hulu – Trailer Review

Premise:After his fiancée breaks off their engagement, a man takes a trip with friends on what should have been his bachelor party weekend, and his self-absorbed friends are so focused on their own issues that they fail to ask him how he’s doing.”

This looks to be one of those indie darlings that swims under the radar of casual movie going fans. While I am not a TV person in the slightest, I am aware that this cast is strong with comedic chops, and I love dark comedies. What makes this seem like such a good film is the potential of it being a real comedy. Besides fantasy, comedy has become a genre polluted by nothing, but crap after crap show, and I’ve had to dig deeper.

The cast and premise are the big selling points for the film. It looks funny in all the right places without certain gags actually coming off as gags. I just hope it goes the route of humanistic fun as well as maintaining that component that makes it very much a human drama in the long run. I hope it’s good.


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