Morgan: Luke Scott’s Directorial Debut Gets a 2nd Trailer – Trailer Review

The first teaser trailer for this directorial debut (Seen Here) was what we deserve and want from trailers. The tension was real, the plot wasn’t over-explained, and above all, no stupid, poor fitting pop music.

This recent full length trailer does all that minus the music. I movie I was excited to see from the son of acclaimed director Ridley Scott looked to be in the vein of Ex Machina, but unfortunately that is only true in tone of the film at the moment. The film could still be very good with a narrative that will catapult Luke Scott into stardom, but this trailer didn’t help his cause.

Star of the hit horror film The Witch, Anya Taylor-Joy plays Morgan, a pale artificial life form who apparently has telekinesis. These are what I don’t want to have revealed in the trailers. Sell me on what the film is about without giving any details away and stay true to the tone you are trying to convey. If it’s a horror/sci-fi film with a one setting way of storytelling then let’s see that.

To close, just watch the teaser trailer if you want a good reason to see this movie because that teaser was great.


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