Drive Director Nicolas Winding Refn Wants To Direct A ‘Batgirl’ Movie For DC/Warner Bros.

With Winding Refn coming off of a polarizing film like The Neon Demon which stars Elle Fanning as a young model envied by her peers, it looks like Refn wants to continue making his female led films by suggesting that he wants to direct a Batgirl film for DC.

In a more recent interview with Business Insider, Refn went on detail how much he’d love to do make a big budget superhero film one day. Refn is more known for his well received, but often polarizing dark indie films such as Drive, Only God Forgives, and Bronson. Refn wanted to direct Wonder Woman with Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks as the lead. Clearly Warner Brothers didn’t fly with the red headed actress or Refn for the film and later decided on Patty Jenkins to direct and Gal Gadot to be our Diana Prince.

I would think after awhile, no matter which type of director you are, you want to branch away from what you often do and with Refn working with large amounts of freedom and lower budgets, it makes sense he’d want to break out into a more “fun” film that he is used to.

Refn’s films have all been Rated-R and he would definitely have to make his Batgirl film suitable for younger audiences. If he is okay with that and proves he is capable of toning it back, why not bring on a director of his talents to the big budget world? It’d be a unique spin on a character fans love.

Source: Business Insider


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