Tom Cruise Returns In Jack Reacher: Never Go Back’s First Trailer – Trailer Review

When Tom Cruise isn’t doing insane stunts for the Mission Impossible movies, he is kicking ass in plenty of other ways. While the first Jack Reacher was not a movie I particularly enjoyed, Cruise was able to get his The Last Samurai director Edward Zwick to helm the sequel. From just the trailer alone, this looks like a much improved franchise.

The set up for the events that followed through the trailer are fun and action packed in a way Cruise is best known for, but the story and scope of the film seems far larger and much cooler than the original. Cobie Smulders is joining the cast which is also a plus and military based action seems to be no joke.

While it has the potential to be just another by the numbers action flick, at least I can sigh in relief that it won’t be a crappy paint by numbers action flick. I like Tom Cruise and Tom Cruise likes action so it seems like a good match for now.


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