Justice League: Official Villain(s) Revealed For 2017 Film

There is no doubt the DC Extended Universe is always good for a hot topic and with so many fortunate individuals getting the privilege to go on set for the Justice League movie slated for 2017, we have confirmation that our big villain is indeed Steppenwolf. No not that funky band that wrote “Magic Carpet Ride”, but instead the uncle to the even badder baddie Darkseid, who will make his appearance for the first time in film in the coming years.

Steppenwolf is not as well known as his evil nephew, but that should work in favor of DC. Instead of having this mounted pressure to portray a villain we know and love, Zack Snyder and Geoff Johns can now create a character that works for their story without stepping on the toes of loyal fans. 

There is no actor signed on to portray Steppenwolf just yet, but I’m sure they are close to signing their guy. One other villain that has gone under the radar is none other than Atlantean scientist Vulko with whom Willem Defoe has been confirmed to portray. Volko is not a large villainous presence in the sense of power, but rather deception, and was given an important role in the storylines of the New 52 version of Aquaman. It will likely have Defoe play a significant role in the retrieval of what are known as Mother Boxes, other worldly creations that are “safely” with the Amazonians, the Atlanteans, and humans.

This is definitely a set up for Darkseid as DC fans know with it only being a matter of time until we see the world of Apokolips. Should be exciting to see assuming all the good news from these set visits come to fruition like we all hope.

Source: Collider



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