Lady Gaga To Star In Remake Of ‘A Star Is Born’ With

If you think remakes are just a new fad, check out this tidbit of knowledge, A Star Is Born has been remade twice already and will have four movies in all once this film releases in theaters. The premise revolves around a talented young woman who has a love affair with an older man. Clint Eastwood was originally set to direct the latest remake for Warner Bros. back in 2013, but has since moved on.

The original actress was not Lady Gaga, but in fact Queen B herself. Since Beyonce has dropped from the production, it was time for the studio to find their next leading lady, and it looks like found their leading Lady Gaga for the part. Bradley Cooper will also star, but will be making his directorial debut with this film.

Cooper has worked with his fair share of talented directors such as David O. Russell and Clint Eastwood on American Sniper so we have to assume he took some tricks from their books to help make this film come alive. It doesn’t hurt Cooper also produced American Sniper and will be producing this remake as well with the aid of his Hangover director Todd Phillips.

If you want to know the pedigree of talent from the other three films check this out:

A Star Is Born (1937): Janet Gaynor and Fredric March

A Star Is Born (1954): Judy Garland and James Mason

A Star Is Born (1976): Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristofferson

And it doesn’t hurt that Gaga is coming off of a respected role on American Horror Story and that she blew everyone’s socks off at the Oscars for her homage and rendition of The Sound of Music (I got chills just thinking about it) so if she can bring that with her and hone her craft even further, she is going to do great, but the next question is, can Cooper make a valiant effort on his first directing gig?

Source: Deadline & ScreenRant




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