The Greatest Showman On Earth Will Bring On Zac Efron With Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman is set to star and produce a contemporary musical and biopic of one of the lost forms of entertainment, the circus, but not just any circus. Jackman will play ringmaster and politician P.T. Barnum of Barnum and Bailey’s Circus with Zac Efron possibly joining the film.

The two have musical backgrounds that are hard to miss and they can both actually act so it works for these two be a part of such a production. Jackman has won a Tony for his work on The Boy From Oz and Efron hit the big time with his trilogy of High School Musical, but was recognized for his work on Hairspray. The Greatest Showman On Earth will be written by Sex And The City writer Jenny Bicks.

It’s clear Jackman will pursue much more than his Wolverine role after Wolverine 3 finishes productions and hits theaters and it’s no shock that he wants to return to the musical side of his illustrious career. Efron has also carved out a unique career for himself with the straight man routine in Rated-R comedies, but those who have been focusing in on something other than his abs know the boy can act.

P.T. Barnum will likely turn out as one of the more colorful characters brought to the modern day big screen thanks to his controversy and antics that led people to believe he had actually discovered the oldest woman alive as well as a mermaid among other cooky sideshows. His political background alone is something worth exploring if not his love life, but I’m sure we’ll get it all. Musicals are very much hit or miss as films, but they aren’t impossible to make and Jackman knows a thing or two about making them well with his performance in Les Miserables.

Source: Variety



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