Steven Spielberg Wants To Remake West Side Story With His Lincoln Director

There is an exception to every rule and when we are talking about remakes to films we know and love, Steven Spielberg should be the guy to do them. Thanks to the lengthy interview with the The Hollywood Reporter Spielberg stated he had been working on securing the rights to the award winning musical for nearly fifteen years.

With the rights secured and his passion still flowing, one of the next films for the director could in fact be a remake of the musical. We don’t know if there will be a twist to the film’s leads or if Spielberg just wants to keep the ethnic characters the same, but it’s an important question.

With Latinos being in the forefront of the film – even if some of those Latinos were white people – it was still a significant step in bringing an ethnic group to the forefront of a film back in the earlly 60’s and we should know by now that Spielberg respects and embraces historical events as well as social issues. So the question becomes this, what story is the director telling beyond Romeo and Juliet?

Spielberg will bring on his Lincoln writer Tony Kushner to pen the script for Fox/MGM. We will wait and see what the two cook up for their next film.

Source: SlashFilm & The Hollywood Reporter


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