Don’t Expect Indiana Jones To Die Anytime Soon, Says Spielberg

Spielberg had a bit of a misstep with the fourth installment of his action-adventure film when he gave us Shia Lebeouf swinging through the trees with a bunch of CGI monkeys and giving us aliens instead of infamous historical or cultural villainy to the meat of the story, but it looks like Spielberg heard us, and he also saw The Force Awakens (SPOILER ALERT).

Harrison Ford had been adamant with his desire to kill of Han Solo and that sadly came true, but it looks like Spielberg “promises” that Indy will not be dying in this film. Whether that’s a spoiler or not is up to you, but this isn’t some one shot film we’re talking about, this is Indiana Jones, one of the most iconic heroes film has ever seen, and the last thing we’d see is him die. That’s like seeing Superman die.

On the other side of the coin, it’s always tough to determine when it’s a good time for a cool character to die. It would be kind of depressing to see all of Harrison Ford’s iconic characters just end up dying in their final films just because he’s getting old and they want no one else to play him.

It’s fair to think of Indiana Jones as a character that deserves countless adventures with a newer, fresher face as the archaeologist and recast him like James Bond or Batman/Superman and characters of that nature, but that just may not be how Spielberg and company are willing to go. Shia as the successor obviously didn’t work at all so that’s been long scrapped as an idea and I think the Chris Pratt’s and Bradley Cooper’s have lots more they want to do than be tied down another franchise that may or may not come around while they’re in their primes. Who knows?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter



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