Could Taskmaster Be The Deadpool 2 Villain?

There are no details about the sequel to acclaimed Deadpool film that blew up the world with it’s hyper violence and vulgarity, but it’s no secret we can’t wait to see what those ass-hats cook up at Fox (ass-hats is a joke from the movie.. promise). We know Deadpool’s iconic “buddy” and partner in the comics is coming to the sequel, but we still don’t know who will play him, him being Cable, the cyborg being from the future.

Deadpool villain Ed Skrein aka Ajax aka Francis aka Dish Soap who doesn’t feel pain has recently commented on who he’d want the newest Deadpool villain to be, and I have to give it to him, he gave a good answer if you’re a Deadpool fan. The answer he gave was the skull mask wearing mercenary with no morals also known as Taskmaster.

Taskmaster is a villain who has the unique comic-book ability to have “photogenic reflexes” which simply means that he can copy any person’s fighting style and react accordingly when he goes up against him. Fox does own the rights to the villain and he’d be suited perfectly for the big screen due to his funny, but villainous rivalry with the Merc with a Mouth as they are known for talking (for lack of a better term) huge amounts of shit to each other  when the moments arise.

It would make for a tonally perfect dynamic between the protagonist and the antagonist of the story assuming Taskmaster fits in the future plans, but nothing is set in stone nor close to being confirmed, but I’d bet money that Taskmaster shows up sooner than later once Cable is established into the story line.


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