The Newest Trailer To The Ben-Hur Remake Looks Terrible – Trailer Review

Well look on the bright side, they didn’t remake the film with a bunch of females comedians… I’m kidding, sort of…

In all seriousness, this may fall under the category of of films that should have never been touched, but that doesn’t matter now, the film is coming and it has an apparent romantic drama soundtrack to come along with it. That was my first reaction, my second reaction was seeing Toby Kebbell in yet another stupid looking movie, but the guy that played Jesus seemed promising enough.

Morgan Freeman’s wig is ridiculous (still) and he seems to have only lent his voice and face for the twenty bucks they gave him and that’s about it. The action could have been promising in an age of film where CGI has grown so exponentially and the resources to make a realistic film have also gained steam since the original film in 1959. It looks like a fluffy, mellow-dramatic wash up of the original and the music solidified the ridiculousness if you ask me.

The talent is there, but why get a director whose resume consists of Wanted and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (Gasp!), I’m not sure where the direction fits with such a remake of this magnitude, but why do I know?


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