Surprisingly, I Don’t Dislike The New Pete’s Dragon Trailer – Trailer Review

Here we go again with a trailer for a remake no one wanted, but at least this one is from Disney. Pete’s Dragon is a childhood favorite of mine so pardon the nostalgia and childlike wonder I may leak into this trailer review, but I was actually really pleased with this trailer overall. I’ll get my one critique out the way and say that protagonists of movies need to stop jumping off cliffs only to have their magical, over-sized beast, catch them with ease every time. But onto the good stuff.

This is an impressive cast to put together for a remake that takes place in present day like this and snagging Robert Redford should mean something to you guys and gals. Another big concern I had from the brief looks at Elliott from the earlier marketing was that he was fuzzy, but after seeing more glimpses of him in this trailer, I am really pleased with the way they went to bring him to life.

I have a feeling it’d going to make me really sad once and if Karl Urban captures Elliott and what not, but that is where I took the trailer more seriously. This isn’t going to be a sing along like the original, but a “grounded” rendition that will tackle more environmental topics like deforestation and likely poaching. Like most movies with animals or fictional creatures, I just hope they don’t waste the viewing time on the humans, and they were smart and focused on the relationship between Pete and Elliott.


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