Directors Brad Peyton & James Wan Team Up To Adapt Graphic Novel ‘Malignant Man’

With James Wan becoming a household name thanks to his efforts on his fantastic horror films of recent years as well as his involvement with the upcoming Aquaman film for Warner Bros., Wan will be teaming up with San Andreas director Brad Peyton for an adaptation of the 2011 graphic novel series Malignant Man. 

The film will be for Fox, who is beginning to go deeper into comic book films by adapting another Boom! graphic novel titled Irredeemable which will have Adam McKay (The Big Short) directing. Zak Olkewicz will write the script for Malignant Man.

Malignant Man is about as odd as the title makes you assume. The story revolves around a man who has a malignant tumor only to realize it is in fact an alien parasite that restores his life and grants him supernatural powers. Yep. This may all sound crazy now, but this will be a good step in the right (and newer) direction of the comic book movie genre with so many of the films only getting larger and larger as the films move on. Taking it back to a smaller, more personal, scale should be a positive rather than a negative for the genre to stay fresh and alive, even if it takes an alien parasite of a tumor to begin that course.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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