Mel Gibson Is Still Crazy and Wants To Make A Passion of the Christ 2

This is not the film I wanted Mel Gibson to come back with at all. Believe what you will about religious figures and all that stuff, but Mel Gibson is a great director. Due to his obvious controversies over the years, he has more than fallen from grace in the eyes of every sane human being who knows him, but it looks like Gibson is still crazy and wants to direct a sequel to his “torture-porn” rendition of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Whether you felt passionately about the subject in the film or not, it’s no secret that this is a film that will always and forever hold a spot in pop-culture as one of the most gruesome films ever made. Controversy aside, there is an obvious story for Gibson to tell, and an audience waiting to see it.

I think it’s clear to those who know the story of Jesus Christ and where the story goes after he dies on the cross, but if you aren’t aware, Jesus is resurrected after being put in a tomb hence, ya know, Easter and Resurrection Day.

The Passion of the Christ was the highest grossing Rated-R film in America until one foul mouthed, red suit wearing mercenary dethroned The Messiah from that title. It’s highly controversial, graphic, and extremely hard to watch. If history has shown, it’s that films revolving around faith will make their money back because the audience is clear and loyal, but do I even have to ask the question we’re all wondering? Why give this film a sequel?


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