What’s Up With These Star Wars: Rogue One Re-shoots?

Reshoots, reshoots, reshoots! Thanks to social media, we feel a sense of panic fall upon us when we hear a movie is getting reshoots. We heard it with Suicide Squad with questionable reasoning at best, but it’s even more questionable when it surrounds the likes of a Star Wars movie. The film is directed by Godzilla (2014) helmer Gareth Edwards, but the reports floating across the internet are that Disney was not all too impressed with the film, but it’s worth getting some clarification first.

The guys at IGN made a fair point about how nearly every big film gets a fair amount of re-shoots and even the original Star Wars film was given it’s fair amount of touching up with fixed up footage, but where we draw concern is from the rumors that nearly 40% of the original cut of Edward’s film may be getting chopped and edited for the sake of the overall film, but before I get back to that, let’s figure out what else is happening. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly for adding some details, the re-shoots will last from now until Star Wars Celebration in five weeks time in London.

For what we know about the 40 percent EW discussed in their article, that’s still a lot of reshooting to do, and with the issues for the reshoots being having the seven major cast members in the same place is enough to worry me as well. Obviously the actors are busy with other productions or conflicts of schedule to come the reshoots and that can only be excruciatingly annoying for the film makers.

To make things simplified from the EW report, there have been source confirmations that trusted directors with connections to Kathleen Kennedy (Head of LucasFilm) have come on as consultants for the film and could have possibly given notes for the film in the process of editing and rewriting, but that is to be determined as a whole. We have yet to see the anthology film, but my fear to the film is the final topic on the EW report.

The supposed reshoots could likely be making the Star War into a more watered down adventure rather than the grittier story fans had been excited to see. Again, this is the kind of stuff that makes me crazy. Not everything has to be fluffy and full of rainbows. Heck, nearly every episode has some form of limb chopped off or even countless murders with blasters or lightsabers, and it’s not fair to a film with “war” in the title to not feel somewhat like a war movie.

I hope this cleared some things up and brought to light some of the fears and questions you all may have had about the production of Rogue One. 

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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