Wait, WHO Might Play Captain Marvel?!

I think one of the most exciting parts about waiting for a movie is seeing who they cast and one of those characters may be that much closer to getting their woman. That’s right folks Captain Marvel may indeed have a front-runner as of late and that name is Brie Larson.

Yes, the Oscar-winner from the superbly realized book Room could be our new Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel that fans like more than the original Captain Marvel. If cast, Larson will just be yet another huge star brought on by Disney and Marvel to bring gravitas and star power to a role and it’s a great idea.

Some great concept art was was made recently to show what Brie Larson could look like as the hero if confirmed for the role, you can see the photo @team_ragtag on Instagram if you don’t feel like finding some crappy drawing done by your neighbor’s kids on Google.

Source: Variety


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