Sicario 2 Drops Emily Blunt and Loses Director Villenueve

Sicario was in my top 10 list of films of last year and impressed me all around. The acting, direction, and world class cinematography thanks to Roger Deakins propelled this crime drama to being one of my personal favorites to date, but when I heard the rumor that there would possibly be a sequel I sunk in my chair.

Emily Blunt’s role in the film ended in a quality fashion and did not require anymore from her character to further the story, so her departure makes enough sense, but what’s the point if you can’t get a director like Denis Villenueve back onto the film? There were some well written and performed characters all throughout who fans would probably like to know more, but the way this movie ends makes for one the best standalone films in recent years, and yet, we have a sequel without one of its stars and it’s original director.

All this being said, maybe a new take on the corruption and drug trafficking world is a good thing. The likely title for the sequel would be Soldado which means soldier in Spanish and that alone is an exciting conceptual idea. The possible new director would be Stefano Sollima, an Italian with experience in visceral crime thrillers.

The film would center on Benicio del Toro’s sicario character as well as Josh Brolin’s CIA Agent with a lot of confidence. Deadline makes a great point about the topical nature of both films and how that will help mold the shape of the films plot lines.

Source: Deadline



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