P.T. Anderson & Daniel Day-Lewis Are Re-Teaming For 1950’s Drama About Fashion

If you’re wondering why this is such a big deal in the world of movies, it’s because Daniel Day-Lewis is like seeing The Loch Ness Monster and P.T. Anderson is the guy that somehow snags photos of him. Day-Lewis is arguably the greatest actor of all time with a pedigree that speaks for itself, but P.T. Anderson is no slouch as a writer/director. Their prior work on There Will Be Blood is something that divides film fans, but nonetheless, the film is without a doubt a technical and visual masterpiece.

Anderson is known for other films such as Boogie Nights with Mark Wahlberg and The Master with Joaquin Phoenix. His dialogue and deeply specific world building has made him an auteur in the world of filmmaking since the late 90’s and he’s continued to make stylized drama and dark humor for our viewing pleasure. Couple that with Daniel Day-Lewis who wins Oscars just by looking at them in a period drama about fashion then you get gold.

The characters that Anderson writes are his strong suit as a writer and his crisp directing style is what solidifies him as such a quality filmmaker and with such notable characters DDL has played in the past you can expect him to hone in yet another to his belt once this enters theaters.

Anderson is reported to still be finalizing the script and has not released an official synopsis nor a title for the film, but expect the details to drop as more of the script finalizes into it’s film ready form. Again, P.T. Anderson films are not for everyone by any means due to their usual length being over two hours, but also because they focus more heavily on the psychology of characters rather than kinetically driven plots and booms of films we see more often in mainstream Hollywood.

Source: Variety


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