Jake Gyllenhaal Will Try Again With a Video Game Movie For Ubisoft

If you forgot which other video game movie Jake was in, you’ve clearly entered the void at some point in your life and I’m totes jelly. Prince of Persia was effing awful, but thankfully Gyllenhaal since then has understood where his talents are best served.

Gyllenhaal will star and produce an adaptation of Ubisoft’s The Division which has sold endless copies as a game and setting records in the process. With that, it didn’t take long for the company to make this into a film, and they wasted no time at all getting the right guy for the job.

Here’s the pitch: You have Jake Gyllenhaal as a military dude with some homies in a dystopian New York City trying to make sure criminals don’t to criminal things and sh**, but also, smallpox happened.

Gyllenhaal has been more of a small budget film actor of late and making exceptional films in the process, Southpaw not included though his performance was incredible. This will give the actor a good chance to come back to the spotlight and not have to worry so much about eating just apples and drinking black coffee to lose lots of weight like in Nightcrawler or focus on eating whole chickens and jump roping to get into boxing shape like he did for Southpaw. 

Source: Variety




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