It Remake Has Cast Their Pennywise the Clown in Bill Skarsgard

'Mama' helmer Andy Muschietti is directing the New Line horror movie.

IT has gone through more changes than a runway model and supposedly has found their Pennywise the Clown yet again with their new director as well. True Detective director Cary Fukunaga was originally penned for the project and planned to make it a two part film, but due to creative differences Fukunaga departed the project as well as his Pennywise in Will Poulter.

Andy Muschietti (Mama)  will take over as director with the acting talents of Hemlock Grove actor and one of the many Skarsgards as his killer clown. Bill Skarsgard being 6’4″ with distinct bluish-green eyes seems like a unique, but inspired choice for the clown.

The story will follow the teens originally terrorized by the clown as they are grown adults with no recollection of fighting the evil being. Assuming this film decides to actually keep it’s talent this time around, the project should still entice audiences to go and see it, but the fact they lost such a promising team that involved Cary Fukunaga and Will Poulter coming off a supporting role in The Revenant, the standards have drastically changed.

Source: THR


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