Emily Blunt Set To Play Mary Poppins In Disney Sequel

Another project finally showing itself from it’s chrysalis has poked it’s head from Disney studios in the form of a classic that is Mary Poppins and her rumored sequel. The original name circled for the film was Anne Hathaway (who I thought would be perfect for the role), but Emily Blunt is nothing to likely just as good if not better. Joining the remake is Broadway star Lin-Manuel Miranda who will be leaving his hit show Hamilton to join the production. Instant credibility if you ask me.

Blunt showed herself as a vocally talented actress in Into the Woods and was likely looked at as a choice that the studio would be happy about if they were able to get her. This will not be a remake, but a sequel to the original film with Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke.

The film will be titled Mary Poppins Returns and plans to release in theaters on Christmas Day 2018. Rob Marshall, director of the award winning Chicago will be taking over the director’s chair for the sequel. The film will be set in Depression-era London where we will re-visit Jane and Michael Banks of the first film, but with them as adults struggling to find a reason to feel happy like they once did. That will be where Mary Poppins comes in.

Are you guys and gals excited for the sequel or just completely shocked they have a sequel ready to be made for this film?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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