Comparisons: Namor vs Aquaman – Comics

I’m starting a new type of article to discuss with the non-comic readers the differences between lots of characters in comics, mainly the ones that are similar in nature, and their basic histories. Because of the movies showing off loads of different characters each year to new audiences, young and old, we often forget who deserves the credit as the first or the one who did it better. Sure, that might be subjective at times, but that’s for your minds to decide.

Today’s characters worth discussing comes from the rumor that Marvel Studios may be gaining the rights to one of their more respected comic book characters who strikes a resemblance to one Arthur Curry in the DC Comics world. They both are kings of the ocean who are the offspring of both humans and Atlanteans, and they are both always struggling between which world they would likely be accepted into more, on land or in water.

Brief History:

Aquaman was created in 1941 by Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger and Namor was conceived in 1939 by Funnies Inc. and Bill Everett. With Namor being the Marvel anti-hero and Aquaman a conflicted king of Atlantis and most always a conflicted hero, they differ in personality as a whole as well as ethnicity. While Aquaman is normally seen as a blue-eyed blonde in comics and soon to be as an islander in Warner Bros. Aquaman solo movie, Namor appears to either look Asian in decent or a mix multiple ethnic backgrounds throughout his comic history.


In general, their suits are different as are their abilities. Namor is considered a mutant rather than merely a super-powered being and has a handful of different abilities Aquaman lacks. For example, they obviously are both capable of doing anything in the water, but Namor has the ability to fly thanks to little wings on his shoes, and Aquaman is capable of leaping far distances when on land, but not flight. Otherwise, the powers are similar, but not carbon copies of each other depending on which version you read of them.

Teams They Belong To: 

Aquaman is one of the founding members of the Justice League and an integral part of many story lines including his revamp thanks to DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns. Namor is seen in multiple groups through his history from iconic teams like the X-Men, the Dark X-Men, and even some time with the Avengers, but often he can be seen causing havoc for those teams as well and seen flipping sides to show his alliance with whomever at random moments.


These are two of the oldest mainstream superhero characters in the history of comics and while Namor is older, he never gained nearly as much traction as Aquaman due to the spiking popularity of the Justice League in the Silver and Gold ages of comics, but fans who know him tend to take him a tad more seriously thanks to his less cheesy conception and time in mainstream comics. Namor and Aquaman have seen countless versions of themselves in comics, but if you want reading material for both look below for titles.

I hope this helps you all gain an understanding with the two kings of the sea from Marvel and DC comics and allows you to win your bar discussions more often.

Aquaman: Anything from the New 52 / Peter David’s run of the 90’s when he has the harpoon for the hand.

Namor: Sub-Mariner: The Depths / Uncanny X-Men: Nation X



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