We May Just See The Planet Hulk Storyline In Thor: Ragnorok (2017)

Yes, you read that correctly, one of the many big storylines in comics we had hoped to see will likely make an inspired appearance in Thor: Ragnorok. The gladiator style story pits Hulk against a planet of other super-powered beings only for them to be slaves in a match to the death against one another, but the twist here will be that Thor will be a part of something similar.

This is a rumor that has circled the third Thor film for awhile after fans discovered that Hulk was just not in the plans for Marvel and the road map to big bucks like we had hoped, but this is a close second to what we didn’t know we wanted.

Hulk is a great character, but sadly, people of a general movie going audience forget that Hulk is two people, and to sell tickets for the movie, you can’t just have Mark Ruffalo and not as much Hulk. The words used to describe the film awhile back threw around words like “buddy cop” style film with interplanetary travel in the process.

It all makes sense when you hear that and look back at the scenes that Hulk and Thor gave us in the past two Avengers films. It will be cool to see how they bring Hulk and Thor together in an intergalactic showdown among other super strong beings from across the galaxy because neither heroes have met their match in a fight yet.

Source: JoBlo


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