Dwayne Johnson Will Star In “Doc Savage” Movie With The Nice Guys Director

Our weekly The Rock news comes in the form of Shane Black’s next project that has been floating around for some time and that is a film that will set The Rock as iconic pulp character Doc Savage. The character of Doc Savage has been  said to have been loose inspiration for Superman back in the thirties and is described as a brilliant amalgamation of everything children want to be. From a scientist to adventurer to musician to physician and everything in between, Savage has probably dabbled.

Shane Black is coming off of one the most under-viewed films of this year in The Nice Guys and if that film isn’t enough to sell you film junkies on this project, I don’t know what will. It seems like a match made in comedy heaven and with these two being so energetic in nature, I can only imagine how they will be with a film collaboration.

Shane Black is also returning to write and direct a new Predator film for Fox. Doc Savage will likely be a franchise for the studio and will present The Rock with yet another franchise he can carry to go with his other 40 franchises he’s either starting or joining.


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