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James Franco & Bryan Cranston Go To War In ‘Why Him?’ Trailer – Trailer Review

Comedy is not a genre I have been happy with for quite along time. I more or less broke up with it and did some casual dating with other comedies afterwards. I’ve been happy being single, let’s just say that. While this cast is good and Franco looks nuts and in much better shape since we last saw him, he can be hilarious in his own right, but equally as annoying and overplayed.

This is a traditional “bad boyfriend” comedy that seems paint by the numbers in plot as well as gags. Nothing made me laugh in the trailer and the Red-Band trailers are usually confirmations if a Rated-R film will be funny or not.

I was more frustrated with Franco’s character than anything else mainly because he’s purely a prick. There isn’t much comedy to him beyond the tattoo gag. The take on the Franco character and everyone seemed like something we see every other month in comedy films and it doesn’t win me over.

Bleed For This: Miles Teller Is In Much More Than A Boxing Film – Trailer Review

Miles Teller may come off of like a douche to some, but you’d be blind to think that he isn’t a talented actor. Forget Fant4stic and think of Whiplash when you think of him because he is a star in his own right with a surprising range of movies to pick from. In this latest trailer, he is real life boxer Vinny Paziena who finds success only to be knocked down farther than most.

Teller looks charismatic, committed, and engaging as ever in this trailer and to make the trailer even better, it was cut well. Heaven forbid they make another trailer and feel it’s necessary to reveal more scenes from the story because that would just taint the first trailer and my viewing experiences yet again like all the other movie trailers of today, but you guys hear me say that far too often.

Boxing films are great fun and drama because no one boxing film is actually about boxing, but the adversity outside of the ring that our hopeful champs across and how they choose to handle it.

Wreck-It Ralph 2 Definitely Happening For Disney Animation

Isn’t it funny that when we want actually want a sequel for a film we have to wait year after year until we get an announcement, but then the ones we don’t want pop out of nowhere like weeds? Disney Animation (not to be confused with Pixar) is the branch studio of animation for Disney and they have a strong track record as of late with their 3D animations and Wreck-It Ralph was one of them.

The premise is a wonderful and definitely worked on screen with the whole nostalgic usages of old Arcade or video game characters and their adventures through other games and arcade worlds. It sounds like the premise will branch into online gaming and will still be working on the title to make sure it flows well.

Wreck-It Ralph is going to get it’s now anticipated sequel in March of 2018. Animation takes time to create as we know so at least we aren’t having an Incredibles like wait for the sequel. and the premise seems perfect. The director of the first film Rich Moore will return to direct with a script from Wreck-It Ralph and Zootopia writer Phil Johnston.

Source: Collider

Tom Hanks & Clint Eastwood’s ‘Sully’ Gets First Official Trailer – Trailer Review

Eastwood is no stranger to real life dramas and he is normally pretty good at them. His last few outings have been a mixed bag, but that doesn’t take away from his prowess as a film maker. In Sully, Tom Hanks portrays Captain “Sully” Sullenberger in the real life story about how he landed a plane into the Hudson river safely. As films would have it, they are going to show us the lesser known parts and they look riveting.

Hanks is always a winner when cast and his collaboration with the best often breeds the best and this looks no different. It reminded me of Flight with Denzel Washington and had that classic Eastwood visual style with the bluish tint and crisp camera work.

They are saying this could be one of the Oscar contenders this coming year and you can see why. This year has been a blur of awful or disappointing movies across the board and I’d hope this becomes one of the few to change that tone once the cold months come in.

Halle Berry & Daniel Craig To Star In L.A. Riots Film

The film will officially be titled Kings in case anyone wants to know and it’s a stirring title above all else. A passion project for Turkish-French director Deniz Gamze Erguven, director of Oscar-nominated Foreign Film Mustang, will finally get the chance to bring to life a film she has wanted to make since her time in college in France. To help bring that dream to life, Erguven will now get to work with a rarely seen Halle Berry and former Double-0 himself Daniel Craig.

The film will be set during the time of rising tension due to the trial for Rodney King in 1992. Craig will portray Ollie, a loner living in South Central, who becomes the minority in a predominantly ethnic setting. Halle Berry will play a mother who loses her children in the riots and Ollie will likely cross paths with Berry’s character as they search for her missing children.

While I haven’t seen Mustang, the tone is said to be the perfect mesh of light and serious and we should expect that from this film. While I’m not sure how that works in such a dramatic moment in American history like the L.A. Riots and the police brutality that took place in those times, I’m sure the director has her focus locked in as she has since her days in college.

Source: Deadline

Blade Runner 2 Adds Barkhad Abdi To The Cast

There is still not much info on the plot of the anticipated sci-fi sequel, but with every casting announcement we are getting that much closer and the film grows with eclectic talents across the board. The latest to join the cast is Captain Phillips standout Barkhad Abdi.

Abdi was nominated for an Academy Award for his portrayal as a Somali pirate in Captain Phillips and will now join the likes of a returning Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling, Dave Bautista, Robin Wright, and Mackenzie Davis. 

While the film will not be directed by it’s original mastermind Ridley Scott, Scott will produce the film while acclaimed director Denis Villenueve (Prisoners, Sicario) will take over the directing duties. You can almost guarentee the film will still be as beautiful and grimy as ever thanks to Villenueve’s tender love and care he puts into his darkly tone movies, but that’s just more reason to be excited.

Source: Deadline

Anna Kendrick & Justin Timberlake Are TROLLS – Trailer Review

With all the dumb movies made about nostalgic innanimate objects, Trolls didn’t seem like the weirdest one, but it was still pretty weird. Instead of being insanely weird and unnervingly nude like the toys were this seems like a fun animated adventure that seems to know what it is.

Obviously the voice cast is fun and well equipped to take on singing and humor throughout the film and adding Justin Timberlake’s ear worm of a song “Can’t Stop The Feeling” as the theme song of the trailer, it’s hard not to be charmed by what we were given.

DreamWorks is no slouch when it comes to animated films and obviously they get overshadowed by the more established companies out there, but what makes DreamWorks animation enjoyable is their lack of fear to make the animated films suitable for kids, but also entertaining for the adults in sometimes subtle humor or not.

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