Tom Hiddleston Is Inching His Way To Being Our Next Double-O

The time of Daniel Craig Bond is likely to be over after he claimed “he’d rather slash his wrists” than return to the role and he turned down a whopping $68 million to return to the role. Skyfall and Spectre director Sam Mendes will also not return to direct anymore Bond films with Craig or not. This isn’t shocking news for either party, but for me, Craig is the best Bond we’ve had and Casino Royale and Skyfall are two of the best Bond films ever.

Hiddleston doesn’t scream “gritty” Bond, but that’s totally fine with us. The English actor has more charisma than 90% of the actors in this whole world combined and can memorize whole Shakespearean plays for shits and giggles, so it’s not a question of talent or fit, but rather what kind of Bond would they want from the actor. I imagine they’d go back to the classic style Bond that isn’t afraid to be with tons of women, but he may smile nicely at them afterwards, but Hiddleston is a handsome, convincing, and beloved actor who would fit like a glove in a role like this.

Fant4stic actor Jamie Bell is another name the Broccoli’s are eyeing for the role as well. It’s curious at best and makes me wonder what direction they are seeing this character go. Maybe he’s younger and more contemporary or maybe they are saying screw the age thing and just picking who they think fits their visions. If Hiddleston signs on for the role, we have to see who they manage to get to direct him. Nolan was a fan favorite name, but anyone with pedigree could do a Bond film if you ask me because there is so much to check out to make sure you get it right.

Source: Birth.Movies.Death


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