Wolverine 3 Villain Revealed? (Possible Spoiler Alert)

If you don’t want to know who the villain is nor any possible details for the final Wolverine 3 do not bother reading any further, but if  you don’t give a rat’s ass about the possible villain is question just keep reading you wonderful son a gun!

As we have all heard, this will be Hugh Jackman’s final ride as the raging immortal mutant as he reteams with his The Wolverine (2013) director and will bring on Professor X himself, Patrick Stewart into the film as well. The common detail you will read in nearly every source of movie news, including mine, is that the film will be borrowing elements of the iconic Mark Millar graphic novel story-line Old Man Logan. Obviously it can’t be that exact story due to the amount of characters needed, but the sci-fi/western elements are going to be in full force for this final film.


Signed on as an original villain is Boyd Holbrook of Narcos fame, but the possible villain reveal is that of criminal cyborgs called Reavers. Like Sentinels, Reavers are robotic beings that don’t like the race of mutants in any way shape or form. The major villain who will likely be behind all this is that of Donald Pierce who does not have an actor confirmed to portray him, but what you need to know is that this guy is not a friendly.

A lot of the details for the film are being kept under wraps and that’s fine. The more mystery for this final Hugh Jackman Wolverine movie will make the movie going experience all that much richer so let’s hope they stick to the J.J. Abrams method of secret keeping and allow this to play out.

The film will be Rated-R and will likely show us that berzerker version of Wolverine fans have clamored for over the years.

Source: IGN


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