The Space Between Us (2016) Trailer Is The Martian If Matt Damon Was Born On Mars – Trailer Review

Assuming you watched the trailer and then began reading my eloquent dialogue you will have noticed there is a bit of a transition in tone and mood which brings us deeper into the concept of the film. The film’s trailer definitely didn’t get me jazzed up in too many ways in the beginning because I had no clue if it would be a sci-fi film or a horror movie, but then I looked at the title again, and kept watching the trailer only for it to all start to make sense.

Asa Butterfield (Hugo) stars as a young boy who was born in space and raised by scientists on Mars only to finally get his chance to come to Earth and experience what the rest of the human race gets to experience it, and after letting it sit for a moment, I want to like this movie when I see it. It seems like it has a lot of heart and emotional depth to it and disguised its coming of age story in a more science-fiction looking cover, beginning trailer, and synopsis. I’m afraid that it revealed too much of the story which combined E.T. with John Q. for a moment, but that’s what I hope turns out to be cool.

Gary Oldman also gets a chance to use his natural English accent in a movie for once, so that’s something to look forward too, but I am going into this film with the realization that it might stink, but it may just make me cry.


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