The Infiltrator (2016) Trailer #2 Has Cranston As An Undercover Cop – Trailer Review

Crime films are kind of my jam so I get jacked up when I see trailers for newer ones and this one just happens to have Bryan Cranston and John Leguizamo in the mix as well as Diana Kruger. Based on the true story as seen in the trailer, the director of an underrated film that is The Lincoln Lawyer, Brad Furman returns to his gritty, but stylized life of corruption and crime, but let’s just hope it’s nothing like Runner Runner.

Cranston just better not exit like he did in Godzilla (2014), just kidding, we all know he’s the star of this one, but I think Leguizamo is the guy that will stir up the plot of this movie as will Kruger. There’s something about Cranston and his diction and ability to make dialogue interesting and all Breaking Bad fans have reminded me of how much he reminds them of Walter White in this trailer.

I’m stoked for this one because we need more crime dramas that aren’t solely directed by Brian De Palma and Scorsese, but if that’s all those directors did, we wouldn’t be too heartbroken.


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