Fan Petitions Are A Joke & Don’t Work, Stop Making Them News – Rant/Discussion

I’m so sick of seeing credible sites running with crap like “fan petitions” as credible news or whatever they want to call it. The only time a fan petition should be discussed is if it actually makes an impact on a film or not, but since that hasn’t happened upfront, don’t fall for them like a high school crush. The recent one I’ve seen is utterly ridiculous and proves that ignorance is bliss and that the use of Facebook makes people political activists all of a sudden. The petition in question is to get Steve Rogers aka Captain America to have a boyfriend…. yep.

Now, there is nothing wrong with gay people or gay characters so don’t bring out your anti-hate torches and burn me with non-flammable fire or something, but keep in mind how stupid this idea is. Again, it’s not because we shouldn’t have a gay character, but because people honestly think they can just alter the plans of a company as large as Disney and Marvel with a few signatures. Do you really think that they care how many signatures you fools get in hopes to make Steve Rogers bisexual or gay? I don’t even know why I’m talking about this, but I have to prove my point, and my point is that Steve Rogers is clearly a straight male character in the MCU.

Whatever fan fiction or article brought up this idea to give him a male love interest is just goofy. That alters the character’s traits and background significantly in a way that doesn’t benefit the stories at hand which are much larger than his sexuality. It took him 2/3 of his first movie to even kiss Peggy and there’s a meme that details a scene in Civil War that further proves my point. I also saw petitions that wanted Zack Snyder off of Justice League and for TV shows to revive certain characters and guess what, they don’t care what you think and neither do I.

Fight for your causes and stand up for what you believe in, but this is Hollywood we’re talking about and if you think even for a second that they listen to your stupid piece of paper and angry fan mail then you are as naive as these petitions have become. The exceptions to all this are clear as well, but again, those are the moments that give the “fan petition” it’s credibility. The dying fan who got to see The Force Awakens before his death is a beautiful example of where fan petitions get it right, but now people think they can get what they want when their buddies sign a piece of paper.


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