Sing (2016): Matthew McConaughey Is A Koala With A Dream and It Involves Singing – Trailer Review

This. Looks. Amazing.

I was shocked when “professionals” who see all the latest movie trailers and what not decided to knock on this trailer so aggressively. I for one love music, like most people, and seeing some humorous animated animals take on a singing competition with the voice cast that the film has mixed with some really inspiring music notes, call me a sucker, but I want to see this a lot. It comes from Illumination studios which brought us Despicable Me which is fun and the animation follows suit.

It’s not an overly complex story-line, but why should it be? It’s a one title movie about singing animals, it’s not exactly Se7en now is it?

It comes out this Christmas which is kind of weird, but it proves that the studio has confidence in the film because December is becoming the new June and July. The movie has some stiff competition in that month which includes Stars Wars: Rogue One, Assassin’s Creed, Passengers, and Will Smith’s Collateral Beauty. 



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