Star Trek Beyond (2016) Trailer #2 Is MUCH Better & Does NOT Have Beastie Boys – Trailer Review

What a difference a better trailer makes for the anticipation of a film. Star Trek is obviously a huge property and a quality franchise and has been for over 50 years, but the masses of Trekkers (not Trekkys apparently) have either shied away from the latest films or been on board since day one. J.J. Abrams brought a more action filled duo of films which had its nods to the classic series, but hardcore were not pleased.

Justin Lin directs the third installment of this rebooted franchise and listened to fans by dropping that misplaced Beastie Boys song from the first trailer. Instead, this looks far more serious and emotional. The stakes seem higher and the characters we’ve seen for two movies are returning, but how long will some of them last?

These are the questions invoked from this new trailer and it excites me. I am not a hardcore Star Trek fan and I didn’t have much interest in this third film, but all of a sudden I have to see this opening night. Well done trailer people, well done.


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