There Has Been A Large Shift In The Forces At DC/Warner Bros. and Their Names Are…

A meteoric shock-wave has hit the people over at Warner Bros. DC films division and it wasn’t an alien space ship nor a Green Lantern origin plot detail (nerds should get that one), but instead, it is reactionary change that will join the minds of Jon Berg and Geoff Johns as the newest runners of the DC Films branches.

This came to us not as a shock in a negative way, but more a way that made us all say “Huh, so they actually did something?” and that’s a good thing. While the division of fans and critics are still divided for the end product of Batman v Superman it’s no secret the film was a disappointment as a whole. The film was hopeful to cross the billion dollar mark and needed at least $1.5 billion to be considered a financial success.

Geoff Johns is the man that makes this big news, no offense to Jon Berg who is already the current Executive Vice President, but Johns is a DC genius. While he has become a respected DC comics writer and creative adviser for shows like DC’s Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl, he is also one of the reasons we have such rich material in the comic book universe with the New 52. Johns was co-writing the solo Batman film with Ben Affleck which was a cool paring to begin with, but with Johns now promoted to overseer for all the films, expect a more cohesive take for the future films.

The change will also have the film branches at DC be more focused on their own branches. No more will there be too many chefs in each other’s kitchens. In other words, DC people stick to their DC movies, those who work on action/sci-fi etc. work on action/sci-fi etc.

This new way of focusing on the projects at hand needs to happen for Warner Bros. as the studio has faced some financial hardships with their movies of late and have fallen behind studios like Disney/Marvel, Universal, and Fox who are all competitive in their own rights.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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